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Deploy TiddlyWiki on Kubernetes - 2020/12/02 00:02

I discovered TiddlyWiki reading the blog of the late Joe Armstrong (of Erlang fame). After reading a post about Erlang and Elixir I started looking into other posts and I found his introduction to TiddlyWiki. The author presented how was using the wiki as his blog and as todo list systems.

I periodically start to investigate, use for a few weeks, and then abandon todo list systems. I went through at least Trello, Google Tasks, Google Keep, textfiles, command line tools, and probably some mobile app. I did not experiment with these systems for a while so I decided to give it a go. As bonus point it can be used personal knowledge base and it seemed infinitly configurable and extendable with JavaScript. A few minutes and I downloaded the one html file that is all that is needed to start use TiddlyWiki.