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Android Profiles and DIY Launchers - 2024/01/14 21:43

My current job does not provide a company phone but allows to set the company google account on the personal devices, the account does not install a separate profile, I initially just added the google work account to my phone but felt wrong. Randomly on hackernews or reddit I found out that is possible to install TestDPC that allows to separate accounts for applications, exactly as if a work profile is enforced. This is nice and good but my DIY launcher did not support work profiles, so I rolled up my sleeves and after few too many searches I was able to implement it. The following is a summary of what is needed to support work profiles in a launcher, with the hope it can helps anyone looking for similar information. [...]

Build your own launcher: Neurhome - 2023/12/23 00:35

!!!! TL;DR; I became accustomed to the features of an experimental Nokia Android launcher, and during the pandemic, I rebuilt it using Flutter and then again with Kotlin Compose. I'm the only user, and anyone can download it from https://github.com/carlo-colombo/neurhome/releases. !!! 2016-2019 Z Launcher Z Launcher was an experimental launcher from Nokia that learned users' application habits based on the time of day, day of the week, and location. It also allowed users to quickly search for applications and contacts by scribbling letters on the home screen. When the experiments ended, I was still able to retrieve the APK from an online repository. However, the layout eventually broke on my Pixel 3a, and I had to abandon it in favor of the default launcher. [...]