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Simple Req Cookie Jar - 2024/02/08 21:19

A simple req cookie jar plugin. It can be used when automating or scraping websites that implement cookie based sessions. The cookies are set using set-cookie header and are sent back to the server in the headers of each following request. The implementation is naive and probably misses advanced and corner cases. [...]

Introducing Elixir Buildpack - 2021/02/10 21:55

This is something I am working on (and off) for the last year, it started as a way to play with Elixir and Cloud Native Buildpacks but then I started to use it to create images to deploy on a small k3s Kubernetes cluster I maintain.


Decorate functions using macros in Elixir - 2017/06/10 09:10

After I decided to make public a telegram bot to monitor bus time in Dublin (@dublin_bus_bot). Before the release I became curious to see how many people will use it (spoiler: just an handful) and I thought that would be a good idea to track the use on google analytics.


The 3 E: Elixir, Exrm, and Environment variables - 2016/05/04 21:05

I’m building a bot for Telegram, once make a build with exrm I found myself some problem configuring the telegram api key using environment variables. I decided to share what I found because my google foo was not helpful at all.